Request a Free Valuation Consultation from Capes Dunn

As an established business in Cheshire and the surrounding area, we proudly provide both auction and valuation services for private and professional clients. We’ve been in operation since 1826, and we use our vast range of experience and industry insight to ensure that your needs are met. Our pre-sale auction valuations are available for free, and we also provide valuations for insurance and probate purposes.

Pre-Sale Auction Valuations

Capes Dunn's resident valuers may be consulted free of charge, by appointment. Please contact us to arrange an appointment. No fee will be raised if the goods are subsequently sent for auction.

Valuation for Probate

A minimum £35 charge applies for single/small groups of items. The valuers hourly rate is £120+VAT for first hour at the property and £90+VAT for each subsequent hour. 

Insurance Valuations

A minimum £35 charge applies for single/small groups of items. The valuers hourly rate is £120+VAT for first hour at the property and £90+VAT for each subsequent hour.

Jewellery Valuations

Outside Sales

Capes Dunn can arrange sale of house contents on site, rather than through the saleroom, according to the suitability of the goods and the location. Charges for this vary according to the nature of the sale and the work undertaken. Please contact us for further details

Complaints Handling Procedure

The following person has been appointed to deal with complaints

Michael Perry

40 Station Road

Heaton Mersey



Tel: +44(0)161 432 1911 

Where your complaint is initially made orally, you will be requested to send a written summary of your complaint to the above person.

Upon receiving the written summary, we will contact you in writing within seven days, to acknowledge the complaint and inform you of the circumstances leading to your complaint. You will be invited to make any comments in relation to the complaint.

Within twenty one days of receipt of your written summary, the above named person will write to you to inform you of the outcome of the complaint and explain what action(s) have or will be taken in respect of it.

If upon receiving this information you are dissatisfied with the handling and/or outcome of your complaint, then you can contact the following:

Surveyors Ombudsman Service
P.O. Box 1021
United Kingdom
Tel: +44(0)845 050 8181 Fax: +44(0)845 051 1213
Tel: +44(0)1925 530 270 Fax: +44(0)1925 530 271

Who will conduct an independent review of your complaint.

Contact our trusted team for more details about the valuation process.